Medina completed a four-year BSc honours in Computing and Business Information Systems specialising in Software Engineering.  Prior to joining the design community she started her career as a junior technician working in the Civil Aviation industry following her electronics course.

She has since worked for various high calibre organisations in different industries from working in the government tourism sector as an information officer to working as a project manager within the construction industry and to working as a creative personnel recruiter within the design industry. 

She has worked with both designers and clients alike enabling her to have a detailed understanding of the design aspect of systems development.  She is well acquainted with the different roles available within the design industry and is quick to understand client briefs and able to use this information to source talents that meet the required need.  Her main experiences have ranged across Information Technology, Analysis and Design, Networking, Programming, Software Testing and Business Information Systems in work and education. 

Following a spate of success in resource management in the recruitment of designers and interns in Spain through organisations and Universities, Medina´s aim is to continue to create awareness of interaction design, user experience design, visual design and digital branding within the digital service design industry.

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