About Us

The company was started following talks with some of the freelancers I was working with when they expressed concerns over the non-existence of a creative recruitment design agency in Spain.  Many complained that they have to move to other European cities to find work opportunities or are forced to register with agencies outside Spain.

During my career as a resource manager I discovered that I was finding designers living in Madrid through agencies in other European countries.   With this ongoing demand we decided to set up a creative recruitment agency in Spain to serve both clients and candidates alike.

Our Business Goal 

The people behind Medina Goodman Creative Recruitment Agency bring together the skills required to function in a demanding industry.  Our work model is based on understanding your business to enable us to provide you with top quality talent within the design industry. 

Our job is to help you search for the best creative people in the industry, to source talents that are not readily available within the design community whilst matching their skillset to your specific projects need.  Be it an interaction designer, a creative director or a motion graphic designer we are here to help. 

The Process

We thoroughly review and assess candidates on the basis of your need, narrowing down CVs and portfolios to the ones that meet your specification to ensure that you only get the candidates that are within your criteria leading to finding a perfect match for your project. 

Our Working Policy

We liaise and communicate with the candidates, negotiate recompense packages, instigate the initial interview process and agree terms and conditions.  As our agency is based in Madrid Spain, we have access to a large, skilled pool of design professionals at competitive rates at your disposal.

Following appointment of the candidates, we ensure ongoing communication to see that you are happy with the candidate.  

medina goodman creative recruitment 

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